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Places of interest near Urban Cowboy BnB Nashville 
Lockeland Table - Community Kitchen & Wine Bar
located across the street from Top O'Woodland Inn at 1520 Woodland Street, Nashville, 37206
For reservations, please call 615.228.4864

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Dr. H.B. Hyde first built this grand home between 1898 - 1904.  He met with his medical patients here and at his downtown Nashville office.

The Houses History:
The first mansion built in this area was named by Col. Robert Weakley after his wife Jane Locke Weakleys family, thus naming our Nashville neighborhood in the early 1800's Lockeland Springs.

In the mid 1800's W.R. Cornelius was a cabinet maker made wealthy by the need for coffins after the civil war and was also named the U.S. National Coroner for a time. In 1890 Cornelius subdivided the land and grand homes of the wealthy began to spring up in Lockeland Springs.

H.B. Hyde and J.S. Bell paid $2016 for two lots in partnership including 1601 &
1603 Woodland St. By 1897 Bell had defaulted on making his half of the payments for the land so Dr. H.B. Hyde sued. Hyde won the lawsuit buying the other half interest in the land at public auction for $440 and ridding himself of a deadbeat partner.

Built between 1898-1904, this grand home has had only three previous owners;
1898-1925 Dr. Hartwell Blount Hyde, the wealthy doctor who built the house, also had an office on
College Street downtown - later renamed Church Street. Dr. Hyde was the great-grandson of Henry Hyde one of Nashville's early settlers for which Hydes Ferry community was named.

George Busholen Family 1925

1925-1960 Brothers Tonye & George Busholen operated a successful hat shop & cleaners called Georges on <!--?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /-->Church Street. George Busholen's daughter married Nick Gulas, the wrestling promoter, while they resided on Woodland Street.  George Gulas used the separate carriage house turned garage building to practice wrestling as a young man.

1960-2000 L.A. & Virginia Green built the first Dairy Queen in Nashville in the carriage house / garage facing 16th street.  It was continually operated for 40 years until June of 2001 as a burger /ice-cream /pizza establishment.  It is now the Catering Staging kitchen for weddings and events held at Top O'Woodland.

January of 2000 - April 2015 Belinda Leslie, a wedding officiant and Registered Investment Adviser, Inc.  bought the totally empty house from the estate of Mrs. Virginia Green.  After acquiring the property from a complex estate, Ms. Leslie has completed countless projects restoring it to it's original grandure .   

April 2015  www.UrbanCowboyBnb.com owners and partners bought the Inn and are taking it to the next level and beyond.  Slated to open Fall 2015 with 8-9 guest rooms, common space parlors and courtyard social areas.   

For the Runner, Walker, Dog Owner, Bird Watcher and Nature-Lover

Located less than 5 blocks from Top O'Woodland is one of Nashville's oldest and most beautiful marsh nature parks, Shelby Bottoms along the Cumberland River.  Seasonally the area is a haven for over 20 species of migrating birds.  With over 9 miles of paved multi-use roads (bikes, roller-blades and dogs on leashes welcome - nothing motorized) and another 5 miles of primitive flat hiking trails, our guests often enjoy Shelby's boardwalks, scenic overlooks, interpretive stations and 7 rustic bridges.   Map to Shelby

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