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Top Of Woodland's Natural Beauty
18 Acres of Beautiful Tennessee 

Wildlife seen daily includes:
turkey, red tail hawks, blue birds, song birds, tree frogs, lepord frogs, box turtles, deer, and more...
Occasional spottings wild life:

Racoons living at the big pond
Great Blue Heron at the big pond
Red Fox at smaller pond
Golden Yellow 2ft long Koi fish in big Pond
Red Tail Hawk lives in the lower back yard
Box Turtles abound in the forest

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Tennessee Sunset Color at Top Of Woodland Weddings
Belinda Leslie Owner
Blue Bird eggs on the front porch of the house
Two clutches of baby blue birds hatched and flew from the front door nest.
wild Star Lillies grow in the forest
String of Hearts growing at the barn
Royal Walnut Moth visited one day
Forest greenery is everywhere!

Top Of Woodland Weddings
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